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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 25, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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and bears at 5:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on twitter and like me on facebook. good night from new york. trish: they say politics is a dirty business and tonight it's getting even dirtier. the leftist media and the dems teaming up to undo the socialist nut job they created, digging up some despicable disgusting writings from a 30-year-old comrade bernie sanders. mike bloomberg's team going for the jugular. >> bernie has all of this loopy stuff in his background saying women get cancer from having too many orgasims.
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or toddlers should walk purchase naked and touch each other's genitals. trish: "mother jones" publishing the article in full. the senator wrote that women fantasized about being raped by three men. the left has had enough of their due ba -- about their cue back loving, venezuela loving socialist. maybe he will tell us he was under the influence of a hallucinogenic mushroom when he wrote this stuff. this is not going to go over so well with suburban moms. but let's be clear. it should never have come to this. bernie sanders should not be in this race. he should not be in the lead.
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he should not even be in that party. it's a party he doesn't even represent. he's a socialist, not a democrat. in today's environment when he's supporting a socialist dictator in venezuela with writings on his website that venezuela is somehow the embodiment of the american dream, come on. you call this the american dream? they are forced to get water from that sewage area? i on hope they can find a way to clean it. this is what he thinks is the american dream. comrade bernie, you don't have a clue. comrade bernie still supports cuba after saying it's because they have a great literacy program in cuba, he doesn't seem to care much about their human rights abuse, even when it's
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pointed out. he's doubling down. >> when fidel castro first came to power, he initiated a major literacy program. i think teaching people to read and write is a good thing. >> fidel castro destroyed freedoms in that country. you don't give them a pat on the back for anything? >> truth is truth. trish: in 1987 the castro re jeep was responsible for the death of up to 141,000 of its own people. worldwide the cop tonight re jeep killed 100 million people. this guy, comrade bernie. he likes company. he likes socialism. he's trying to tell us china is great because of its communist dictatorship. >> chain a is an authoritarian
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country. but can anyone deny, the facts are clear they have taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history. trish: china is a travesty of a place. and you should thank godder single day that you weren't born there. capitalism is the engine that has grown economics. capital up is the system that enabled greatness. capital i am has made america the envy of the world. comrade bernie is blinds by rose-colored glasses that he put on while honeymooning in the former ussr. the democrats aloud their party to be -- they allowed their party to be taken hostage by the selfish man who likes america's enemy, seemingly, more than he likes us. a man who says america isn't all
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that great. forget making america great again. he can sell, america is not that great. a man who thinks it's a crime to take out a terrorist who killed 600 americans and injured a thousand more. remember? who they justified the assassination of quassem soleimani by claiming he was planning imminent attacks. as bad as he was an official of the iranian government. if china does that, if russia does that. russia has been up reply kateed under putin with assassinating dissidents. trish: they let this guy get this far. they he powered him. now buyer's remorse. i wonder why. >> the last 24 hours have been a big wake-up call for democrats. the iowa caucus was a debaclele.
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>> what he was saying to friendships can be effective. >> i'm cared to death. i'm afraid donald trump is about to get re-elected. i'm not about a revolution. i'm not a ideologue. there is a certain part of the democratic party that wants us to be a cult. i'm not interested in being in a cult. >> i'm reading about the fall of france. the general calls up churchill and says it's over. trish: now they are digging up the old perverted writings from the 1970s. you know the expression, careful what you wish for. they wanted this. the left wanted bernie. they have been banging the drum or and over again. the whole beat of class warfare. they have been doing it for years. >> if you were successful,
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somebody along the line gave you some help. if you have got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> you have no defense against paying fairer tax rates, what do you have to do? you to cop up with a line, you have to cop up with a slogan. class warfare. >> a war against the middle class and working poor. americans are not working enough and they are not poor enough. trish: they are the ones who created the whole class warfare. they are the ones that have created the have and have nots mentality. they are the ones that have he powered a guy like bernie sanders to be where he is tonight. along cops a guy that is a total tension of everything they have been telling us for the last decade, and some other surprise. the truth is they have no one to
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blame but themselves. they told the world that donald trump and capital i am was all wrong. >> the on economic promise he kept is tax cuts for giant corporations. >> we should be giving middle class people tax cuts, not wealthy people tax cuts. they don't night. >> give the relationship more tax cuts and cut regulations. trish: this is their argument all along. it only landed bernie where he is. they have been wrong or and over and over again. they like to say somehow donald trump's tax cuts only helped the relationship. in fact i'll tell you the rich in places like new york and california, they pay more. they no longer get that state deduction off their federal income taxes. they pay more thanks to donald trump. yet the left refuses to
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recognize that. instead they promote lie of after lie after lie. they said trump represented the devil. literally. i believe that was the correspond of "time" magazine after trump won. the devil ears you see coming out of of his head. president trump has done an extraordinary amount to promote capitalism. thanks to you, restructuring the trade agreement. he got rid of the onerous regulations. he lowered taxes for the vast amount of americans unless you are a billionaire living in new york or california. then you have your state to blame for that one. his policies have created jobs.
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4.7 million jobs. while median incomes jumped $4,000. this is capital up. capital i am works. and yet the left's warfare nonsense -- >> capitalism has all kinds of failures. >> isn't $10 million enough? when does it stop. right? capital i am hacap -- capitaliss worked in the world. you built that fortune in america you built it using workers all of us helped pay to educate. trish: all that chatter has resulted in this. >> nbc news predicted bernie sanders the winner in nevada. >> bernie sanders will win the
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nevada democratic presidential primary. trish: bernie sanders is not who we are. venezuela, china, cuba. these countries should never be held up as models of success. we have freedom. and i sure hope we as will. the left can scramble to undo bernie sanders with opposition research and i hope they do. but they are the reason he exists. once just once i wish they would show a little patriotism. please do so before it's too late. that's tonight's intel. joe concha, good to see you. >> wow, i have got to follow that? that was an impressive argument. trish: thank you, sir. i think of where the media has
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been the past decade or so. they set the stable for this guy. -- they set the stage for this guy. now they say we might have a socialist win the nomination. he's a product in so many ways of them and of the left. you talk like that for so long and look what you get. >> when the focus is on only one man and that's donald trump, bernie sanders can breeze through this primary that has been going on for a year and not get the vetting he deserves. i get the writings are from 50 years ago. but bernie is so old that puts him in adulthood. when you talk about women's rape fantasies and how you can get cancer from too many argasms. if donald trump wrote things
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like that you would need more-hours in the day to cover that story. and largely it seems he's getting a pass for that. why is that? trish: i think they are trying to take him down on the bloomberg side of it. that was a bloomberg strategist that brought that up on cnn. i think you see that increasingly in debates. elizabeth warren is willing to go after anyone. and the ammunition is ripe for the taking. >> i didn't understand quite why -- i got that bloomberg was surging. but i haven't seen many attacks on bernie sanders. it's like everybody is afraid to offend him because they want to be vp. bernie sanders is not a runaway train in any capacity. it's not like he's doing so great.
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it's because he's the tallest midget in the room and everyone else is splintering the votes. if this gets to a general election between bernie sanders and donald trump. the comments he made about castro and that regime. there goes florida. or up going to end fracking. and then there is almost no margin for error for bernie sanders who is running on raising taxes. walter mondale did that in 199-4 and he won one state. i don't see the winning strategy for bernie sanders. trish: they have on them receives to thank. tonight liberal media stoking the flames of president like when they slandered pro trump teen nick sandmann. >> some students harassing a native american man, a vietnam
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vet in the middle of a spiritual ceremony. trish: bullies are taking the lead against uconn olympic heroes for wearing hats that support our president. foxnation's diamond and silk are here to respond. new details on chinese nationals with flu-like symptoms caught trying to illegally enter the united states. but first, president trump continuing to hit back at cnn correspondent jip acosta. here is a reminder. >> migrants trying to rush towards this fence. they say thanks but no thanks for a wall. >> i'm not negotiating with you, i will let congress take care of that. president trump: that's enough. that's enough. >> pardon me, ma'am.
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trish: it's not true. was that just another "new york times" special manipulated by the democrats to advance a narrative that trump is being aided by the russians. tonight u.s. intelligence and national security officials refuting the claim that the russians are work to help president trump's reelection. there is no edthey say that the russians are trying to help president trump. >> i haven't seen any intelligence that russia is doing anything to get president trump re-elected. >> there is not an assertion russia is trying to benefit donald trump. >> i heard russia wants bernie sanders to be president because he wants to spend money on social programs and take it out of the military. >> there is not intelligence that says the russians are
11:21 pm
trying to help donald trump win. trish: this after democratic leaders told the "new york times" that there is evidence that the russians are trying to get president trump re-elected. it's like their favorite narrative. we have seen that movie before. is it possible the election officials might have overstated something? the "wall street journal" reports that she has a reputation for being injudicious with her words. are they spinning this in a way they think might help them? of course they are. heck, listen to them. go on here. >> he was up peeched for putting this political interests ahead of the countries national
11:22 pm
security interests in ukraine. this is the exact same thing. >> he's willing to seek foreign interference to help him cheat in the next campaign. >> the president is a russian operative. trish: what do you think the odds are? >> that they won't open up an investigation into whichever democrat runs against trump in the next election. trish: deja vu. we have seen this movie before. they are out there spewing all this nonsense. getting the media to get excited about it. then it turns out, what do you know, it's not true. >> surprise surprise. you look back with what when just went through with the entire impeachment. the one missing ingredient of
11:23 pm
the entire impeachment trial was evidence. they do everything without evidence. it's all accusations, then they assume guilt without accusations and it's the same thing happening all over again. trish: i want to show you this clip. it's president trump and a cnn reporter from the press conference in india today. president trump: i want no help from any country. and i haven't been given help from any country. if you see what cmn here, your wonderful network said, i guess they apologized in a way. didn't they apologize for the fact they said certain things that weren't true? what was their apology yesterday? what did they say? >> i think our record on delivering the truth is a lot better than yours. trish: does the president
11:24 pm
deserve an apologize? >> absolutely. what have they done for three years since he was inaugurated? all they have done is spew lies about him and accusations and relengthless attacks against him. and it's all been proven false to this point. now we are watching it all over again. the president has not received any help from any other country. as he said today, he doesn't want any help. the on country that matters is the united states of america. every place he goes we are seeing tens of thousands of people show up, many of them spending the fight for 48 hours to see him. this country loves the president and the policies he brought to this country. he reversed what the previous administration was doing taking our country down the wrong path. this is the country that counts and this is the country that
11:25 pm
president trump put first, and this is the country that will reward him for his commitment. trish: the dow continuing its drop on more coronavirus worries. another reason we need stronger borders. we have new details on chinese nationals with flu-like symptoms trying to illegally enter the united states. we have a border agent with all the details. i'm still pretty ticked off at democrats who want americans to feel bad about making english our national language. remember this? >> you voted to make english the national language. do you know the message that sends as in as multilingual state as nevada? they are as american as we are. [speaking spanish]. trish: we are going to get
11:26 pm
diamond and silk's response to the media saying this. >> the maga hat carry as connotation that provokes a conditions reaction. >> it's a modern day version of the confederate battle flag. >> when i see the make america great again hat i am triggered. trish: the media condemning anyone with a trump hat. focusing their hatred at cold war olympic heroes. the miracle on ice hockey team. the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs...
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we are thrilled to have 14 players of that incredible gold medal team. give them a big hand. trish: the miracle on ice hockey team getting quite a shout-out at the rally in vegas from the president. and they are getting the brunt of liberal outrage after appearing there at that president's rally in nevada. the left managed to do it again. they are managing to make the miracle on ice team a symbol of patriotism, a symbol of this country, they are making them into divisive figures. so much so that the team's captain says they have regret attending the event. the team defending themselves on twitter saying this is not about politics. it's about proudly representing the united states of america.
11:32 pm
we are proud to represent the usa. it's an honor and a privilege. championship teams have been meeting the president publicly throughout modern history. but somehow when you meet this president, you have got a problem? joining me, foxnation co-hosts, diamond and silk. it's good to see you guys. these hockey players are really the symbol of patriotism, the symbol of this country. the president is president of the united states. politics aside, he's the president of the united states. and somehow your -- you are treated -- they are treated, if you dare to meet with them? >> this is what the left do. they don't like patriotism, they don't like patriotic people.
11:33 pm
so they vilify them and try to demonize them. whenever the president of the united states call you on the stage, it's an honor. it can actually change your life. it bothers me that left seems to be triggered by a red hat that can't feed one clothe you and give you a job. the symbolism of that red hat make america great again is about the 7 million jobs created under president donald j. trump. the low unemployment under president trump. trish: the left would tell us it's the symbol of racism. >> absolutely not. the left want to demonize, vilify and stigmatize you. the true raisism is this. >> the symbol of racism is standing on the debate stage
11:34 pm
tonight. when they are talking about use our tax dollars to take care of people who aren't supposed to be here. they hate america, and they hate america's prosperity. we are americans and we love our president. trish: pete buttigieg attacking amy klobuchar for voting to make english the national language from the united states. >> do you know the message that sends as as multilingual a state as nevada? they are as american as we are. trish: what do you think of that? silk? for goodness sake. it's kinds of her language, right? >> when you come to this country you need to assimilate to our ways. this is the united states of
11:35 pm
america and we speak english. when you go to another country and they speak spanish, you have to learn their slang wage over there, and it would be likewise over here. diamond and silk. goods to have you guys here. tonight, uber liberal msnbc's chris matthews has compared trump to hitler regularly. >> we don't live under a dictatorship but we face the certainty of living under a president of the united states who yearns for one. when he said america first, it was just the hitlerian -- trish: who do you think chris matthews' latest apology was for? >> i was wrong to refer to the first days of world war ii.
11:36 pm
i'm sorry to compare anything to that tragic era where so many people suffered. trish: matthews has compared both bernie and president trump to hitler. he's only apologizing to one of them. but first the dow continuing its drop on more coronavirus worries. this is another reason we need strong borders. border patrol officer brandon judd says border agents have apprehended chinese officials crossing illegally showing flu-like symptoms. i've always loved seeing what's next. and i'm still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin.
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11:41 pm
them, with flu-like symptoms trying to cross over our border. national border patrol national president and agent brandon judd. what happened? >> so any time that you look at the cdc coming out and saying it's not if but when the coronavirus is going to hit the united states, you have to look at it and say how is it going to come in and affect our citizens. on february 10 we have three chinese nationals in del rio, texas enter the united states illegally. luckily for us we were able to detect them and apprehends them. they had flu-like symptoms. our agents acted like chapels. they transported them to hospital and quarantined them. luckily they did not have the
11:42 pm
coronavirus. but this is a good elevation of what could happen if people cross the border with the coronavirus. trish: when you are coming uple illegally nobody is check your passport. we are lucky our border agents caught those guys. but you know, for all those that you do catch, there are others getting into this country illegally and you have no way of vetting them or knowing whether they have been exposed to the virus or maybe they will expose americans to the virus. >> when you look at the liberal left you would think they would want to protect the citizens and those living here legally within our borders, you would think they would want to protect us. if that was truly the case, you would want secure borders. it's another reason why the national border council protects the *.
11:43 pm
he's con -- protects the united states. he's trying to protect our borders for our citizens. trish: do you think they will responds to this one differently? they tried to paint him and i.c.e. and border patrol agents like yourself as racist. by the way, i'm just doing my job as a border patrol agent trying to enforce a rule of law. do you think that there might be a wake-up call at all for some democrats and members of the left as we in the nation try to gram with this crisis? one harvard scientist is predicting 70% of the world's population could be infected. >> unfortunately i don't. the mainstream media has known about this for almost two weeks now. they have done nothing on it. the on media outlet is fox news
11:44 pm
that is willing to tackle these issues and talk about what affects the citizens our nation. border security is the front line. trish: you can't live in a delusional world. we need people to wake up and recognize the threats that are out there. brandon, thank you for all you do. good to see you tonight. this evening as i said, another primetime pop quiz. do you think -- who do you think this apology is for? >> i was wrong to refer to an event from the last days or the first days of world war ii. i'm sorry for comparing anything from that tragic era from which so many suffered, especially the jewish people. trish: uber liberal msnbc's chris matthews compared president trump and bernie sanders to hitler.
11:45 pm
but he's only apologizing to one of them. i have the answer for you coming up. president trump calling out two of his supreme court most liberal justices saying they are anti-trump and they must recuse themselves from any trump administration cases. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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president trump: what justice sotomayor said yesterday was highly inappropriate. she was trying to shame people with perhaps a different view into voting her way. i don't know why she can't recuse herself with anything involving trump or trump-related. trish: he wants ruth bader ginsburg and sonia sotomayor to bow out on those cases. of course justice ginsburg's anti-trump bias is pretty well documented. she said if president trump won,
11:50 pm
i don't want to think about that possibility. but fit should be, everything is up for grabs. the next day she vented to the "new york times," now it's time for us to move to new zealand. then she declared our future president a faker. he really has an ego. does president trump have a point? isn't she sort of biased? isn't that clearly on display here? joining me, kayleigh mcenany. i don't think she likes him have much. >> that's pretty effort, trish. let's recall how many times liberals tell us it's the job of a judge to call balls and strikes. how does a judge call balls and strikes when they have expressed
11:51 pm
a hatred for one side and love for the other side. recuse yourself justice sotomayor, you owe it to the nation. trish: i had a hard time finding anything from sotomayor that was so blatant. ruth bader ginsburg. it was all out there. it was quote after quote. we were deciding which quotes to use because there were so many. it sees highly inappropriate and so wrong for a supreme court justice to have done that. it makes me question her judgment. >> you couldn't finds it for sotomayor because it's so unprecedented for one justice to do it. sotomayor does it discreetly. with that dissent where she said it's unprecedented for the supreme court to grant these emergency turnovers much district court level opinions.
11:52 pm
it'it's unprecedented for a district court judge to stop and halt the policies of the executive. it happened 42 times under this president in three years. it happened 20 times under president obama in state years. trish: i would think the number one goal of the president of the united states would be to protect our country. and you do whatever you need to do to protect your people. and you have a certain kinds of authority. not a blank slate obviously. we have checks and balances. but when you seat pushback he's gotten for basic things. it's a little bit surprising. >> that's right. the president has plenary power. this president when he first came into office said we'll do a
11:53 pm
pause on countries that can't adequately vet tear justs. one single judge said i'm going to stop the president from doing his constitutional job. thankfully the supreme court decided on the side that was right and just and constitutional. trish: you carry that forward to today. look at the coronavirus. the president saying we are not going to take people in from china right now. isn't it our national security being at stake? he's the first line of defense. >> this president will always put america first and protect american citizens. we'll not see terrorism come here and isn't that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of president obama. trish: hello, kennedy. kennedy: i'm very concerned
11:54 pm
because section 215 of the freedom act is coming up for preauthorization in just a -- reauthorization is coming up in a couple weeks. we know how they can be used to spy on innocent americans like carter page. trish: i will see you at 9:00. answer to our primetime pop quiz. msnbc's chris m matthews accused both of these politicians of being like hitler. but he on apologized to one. tweet me your answers at trish underscore reagan. ♪ things you can do with schwab: ♪ you can earn more when you invest your cash.
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trish's i watch one side results of saturday's democratic argus in nevada i reach for historical analogy and used a bad one. i was wrong to refer to an event from the last days are actually the first days of world war ii. senator sanders, i'm sorry for comparing anything from that tragic error which so many suffered, especially jewish people, to an electoral result were which you are the well-deserved winner.
11:59 pm
before msnbc host chris matthews apologizing to bernie sanders asking for forgiveness after comparing his victory in the nevada caucuses than nazis conquering france in 19 he should college eyes because that comparison was a lot less to the victims of the holocaust of world war ii. i don't see an apology in anything like this? >> we certainly do not live right now under dictatorship. yet we have near certainty of living at her head of state who seems to yearn for one. trumpets acting like a third world dictator here. what he said today america first, that was just racial should say it had a background to it. trish: okay no apology they are, only an apology to bernie sanders. why? why are you apology to birdie? i get it was kind of a mean thing to say. an insensitive thing to say. but if you are going to apologize to one you would
12:00 am
think you'd apologize to the other? maybe? we've got all of our coming up this week join me tomorrow congressman from texas is here, mark green is here, kennedys right now, see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. kennedy: the democratic establishment is melting down faster than a snowman in july. party leaders now doing everything they can to stop bernie sanders from winning the nomination. but can they actually prevent him from winning the 1% trying to keep above mark socialist down? cruising in a south carolina super tuesday he's got the big mo, the real clear politics national average has the burned up 11 points over second-place joe biden. that is despite the fact is now doubling down on his craze of cuban communist regime, still going pride watch. smack when fidel castro first came to power he initiated at mar


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